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front_door_logo.gif (4963 bytes) Volume 16 - 1996

fall96.gif (39593 bytes)

Fall, 1996 - Volume 16, Number 4

Defining Humanism: The Battle Continues

  • Introduction: Beyond Religion Paul Kurtz
  • The Religion Of Secular Humanism David A. Noebel
  • New Court Decision Brings Death To A Myth Molleen Matsumura
  • Humanism Is Not A Religion Skipp Porteous
  • What Is Religious Humanism? Mason Olds
  • Why Is Religious Humanism? Thomas W. Flynn
  • Humanism As A 'Quasi-Religion' John E. Smith
  • Deliver Us From Religion Timothy J. Madigan
  • An Anthropological Interpretation Of Religion Raymond Firth
  • The Making of Humanist Manifesto I Herbert A. Tonne
  • The Lingering Humanist Manifesto I Lester Mondale

The Rise Of Christian Nationalism In The U.S.: What Do We Do Now? Frederick Clarkson

Humanist Seeing Things as They Are: The Enlightened Cynicism of Ambrose Bierce Glenn Odden

Humanist Campus Freethought Organization Formed

Humanist Poem: 'Prometheus' Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Incredible Flimflams Of Margaret Rowen, Part 2: The Sad Saga Of Dr. Bert Fullmer Martin Gardner

The Ultimate Gift Mary Frantz

Gordon Stein - In Memoriam Joe Nickell & Paul Kurtz



  • Angels? Not a Prayer! Joe Nickell
  • Sagan On Science Kenneth Marsalek
  • A Scientific Critique Of The Paranormal Wolf Roder
  • Utopian Eugenics Timothy J. Madigan
  • Hypatia As A Freethought Heroine Gordon Stein

summer96.gif (43331 bytes)

Summer, 1996 - Volume 16, Number 3

The Unlimited Cosmos - A Personal Odyssey Alan Hale

New Age Physics: Has Science Found the Path to the Ultimate? Victor J. Stenger

"We Need a Miracle!" Art Buchwald

Paul Cadmus: Artist-Humanist Warren Allen Smith

In Honor of Bonnie Bullough Gerald A. Larue

Bonnie Bullough 1927-1996 Paul Kurtz

The Abortion Debate Vern L. Bullough

The Moral Case for Abortion Henry Morgentaler

Secret Files Menace Doctors Skipp Porteous

Abortion Is the Issue from Hell Tom Foster Digby

What Do These Fetuses Want? Nat Hentoff

The Abortion Issue and Selecting a Criterion of "Life" Noel W. Smith

In Support of the Right to Choose Joan Kennedy Taylor

Defend Abortion, Not Just Choice Thomas W. Flynn

Religious Belief In America: A New Poll

  • It Is Hard to Believe Herbert Tonne
  • Religious Beliefs of Scientists: A Survey of the Research Gerald R. Bergman
  • Religion and Crime: Do They Go Together? Lisa Conyers & Philip D. Harvey

Post-Marxism And Humanism

  • The Survival of Humankind Is the Basic Humanist Value: An Interview with Svetozar Stojanovic Paul Kurtz
  • The Hard Course of Humanism in China Lei Yong-Sheng


  • God: A Life Robert Gorham Davis

spring96.gif (46494 bytes)

Spring, 1996 - Volume 16, Number 2

Do We Need God To Be Moral?

  • Without a Supreme Being, Everything Is Permitted John M. Frame
  • Rebuttal Paul Kurtz
  • The Common Moral Decencies Don't Depend on Faith Paul Kurtz
  • Rebuttal John M. Frame

Religion In The Public Schools

  • Introduction Andrea Szalanski
  • Church and State: A Humanist View Vern L. Bullough
  • The Case for Affirmative Secularism Thomas W. Flynn
  • Religious and Philosophical Freedom for Everybody: A Reply to Tom Flynn Rob Boston
  • Church-State Separation: The 1996 Elections and Beyond Edward Tabash
  • Thinking "About" Religion: The Need for Freethought in the Curriculum John B. Massen
  • The Libertarian Curriculum for Public Education Joe Barnhart
  • The Privatization of Education: Can Public Education Survive? Michael J. Rockler


  • Irish Democracy Continues Its Advance Dick Spicer
  • Notes From The Editor Paul Kurtz
  • Missionaries Invade Public Schools Skipp Porteous

The Incredible Flimflams Of Margaret Rowen, Part 1: Seventh-Day Adventist And The Second Coming Martin Gardner

Strange Bedfellows: Mormon Polygamy And Baptist History George D. Smith

The Lost Encyclical Against Penicillin Christopher Durang

Beat the Odds Dan Olincy

Paul Edwards On Nietzsche, Freud, And Reich Warren Allen Smith

Humanism And Human Malleability Timothy J. Madigan


  • Shepherds Are For Sheep Nada Mangialetti
  • Poking Fun At New Testament Absurdities Farrell Till
  • Sex and Sensibility Wendy McElroy
  • Snake Handling Joe Nickell
  • Physics and Consciousness H. James Birx
  • What a Tangled Web We Weave John Schumaker

winter96.gif (44588 bytes)

Winter, 1995/96 - Volume 16, Number 1

In Defense of Freedom of Conscience: A Cooperative Baptist/Secular Humanist Declaration

New Fundamentalist Intolerance and the Southern Baptist Convention George H. Shriver

Humanism And Tolerance

  • Introduction Timothy J. Madigan
  • The United Nations' Year for Tolerance: An Interview with Robert Muller
  • Humanism and Tolerance Jean-Claude Pecker
  • The Limits of Tolerance Paul Kurtz
  • Thought, Conscience, Religion, or Belief Michael Roan
  • Representing Freethought in London Margaret Downey
  • Freedom Of and From Religion Matt Cherry
  • Dealing with Religious Beliefs: Some Suggestions from Anthropology Phillips Stevens, Jr.

The Challenge From The Religious Right

  • Farrakhan and the Million Man March Norm Allen, Jr.
  • Mania in the Stadia: The Origins and Goals of the Promise Keepers Russ Bellant
  • The Threat to the Atheists' Good Life Albert E. Lyngzeidetson
  • The Religious Right's Voice of Intolerance Skipp Porteous
  • Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995): Another Victim of Zealotry James A. Haught

American Naturalism

  • The American Naturalist Tradition Peter H. Hare
  • Remembering John Dewey and Sidney Hook Richard Rorty
  • The Significance of American Philosophical Naturalism Patrick Romanell
  • Secularization in Turkey Ioanna Kuguradi

Marking Life's Milestones: New Directions For CODESH

  • Humanist Celebrations Jane Wynne Willson
  • Center for Inquiry Hosts First Welcoming Ceremony Matt Cherry

News And Views

  • Humanist Potpourri Warren Allen Smith


  • The NGO Conference on Women in Beijing Barbara Stocker
  • Philosophy and Feminist Politics Ellen Klein and Barry Smith

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