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front_door_logo.gif (4963 bytes) Volume 17 - 1997

fall97.gif (51738 bytes)

Fall, 1997 - Volume 17, Number 4

Cosmic Humanism for the Space Age Paul Kurtz



Sexual Freedom

Islam and Women's Rights

Getting a Humanist Education Joe Nickell

Is Faith Good for You? Hector Avalos

Why I Am a Secular Humanist Wole Soyinka

Great Minds

  • Letters from the Earth Mark Twain

God on Trial

  • Frenchy's Con Michael Martin

Book Reviews

  • Trying to Save God Michael Martin
  • The Crisis of Catholic Sex Vern L. Bullough
  • Porn: A Business Like Any Other Molleen Matsumura
  • Stories from Pro-Sex Feminists Wendy McElroy
  • Matter Matters H. James Birx
  • Dueling Visions Rob Boston

Humanism at Large Matt Cherry

summer97.gif (27754 bytes)

Summer, 1997 - Volume 17, Number 3

The Need to Reach Out Paul Kurtz



Cloning Humans

Exposing the Religious Right's 'Secret' Weapon Gil Alexander-Moegerie

Can Science Prove that Prayer Works? Hector Avalos

Morality Requires God ... or Does It? Theodore Schick, Jr.

Why I Am a Secular Humanist: An Interview with Albert Ellis

When Humanists Embrace the Arts James Herrick

What's Wrong with Relativism Lewis Vaughn

Secularists, Rise Up - and Celebrate! Roger E. Greeley

Great Minds

  • Absurdities of the Gods Robert G. Ingersoll

God on Trial

  • God for a Day! Michael Martin

Book Reviews

  • Who Is a Jew? Paul Kurtz
  • Reincarnation Undressed Martin Gardner
  • The Tragic Consequences of Faith David Mackmiller
  • Humanist Poetry for the Ages Rob Boston
  • Imaginative Atheism Finnegeir Hiorth

Humanism at Large Matt Cherry

spring97.gif (42142 bytes)

Spring, 1997 - Volume 17, Number 2

Seeing Things

  • Tampa Bay's `Virgin Mary Apparition' Gary P. Posner
  • Those Tearful Icons Joe Nickell

The Honest Agnostic: Battling Demons of the Mind James A. Haught

Notes From The Editor

  • Surviving Bypass and Enjoying the Exuberant Life: A Personal Account Paul Kurtz

The Freedom To Inquire

  • Introduction George D. Smith
  • Atheism and Inquiry David Berman
  • Inquiry: A Core Concept of John Dewey's Philosophy Larry Hickman
  • Freely Ye Have Inquired? Skipp Porteous
  • Family Friendly Libraries Robert Riehemann
  • A Humanist's Doubts About the Information Revolution Mario Bunge

The Virtues of `The Ethics of Belief': W. K. Clifford's Continuing Relevance Timothy J. Madigan

National Character, Collective Guilt, and Original Sin - The Goldhagen Controversy Edmund D. Cohen

On Witchcraft

  • Witch-Children - Then and Now Hans Sebald
  • Children, Witches, Demons, and Cultural Reality Phillips Stevens, Jr.

The Incredible Flimflams of Margaret Rowen, Part 3: The Comic Pratfalls of Robert Reid Martin Gardner


  • Those with Courage to Doubt Robert Sherrill
  • The Latest from Quine on Logic and Language John Shosky

News And Views

winter97.gif (31874 bytes)

Winter, 1996/97 - Volume 17, Number 1

Euthanasia Policy At The Crossroads

  • Assisted Suicide: Will the Supreme Court Respect the Autonomy Rights of Dying Patients? Ronald A. Lindsay
  • Euthanasia in The Netherlands Pieter V. Admiraal

So Close And Yet So Far

  • Catholic Primate Clings to Evolution H. James Birx
  • The Pope, Evolution, and the Soul Mario Bunge

Humanist World Meets in Mexico City Matt Cherry

Humanism In Eastern Europe

  • Humanists Meet in Poland and Russia Timothy J. Madigan
  • The Polish Church as an Enemy of the Open Society Andrzej Flis

By Any Means Necessary Vivian Lindermayer

Student Freethought Group Embarks on Productive Path Derek Araujo

The Need for a Universal Declaration of Human Values Abe Solomon

Camp Quest '96 Vern Uchtman

Breaking the Last Taboo James A. Haught

The Infomedia Revolution: Opportunities for Global Humanism Paul Kurtz

The Immortal David Hume Nigel Bruce

Lucy Stone: Woman of Firsts Lois K. Porter

The Re-Discovery of Ludwig Feuerbach Van A. Harvey

Dr. Persinger's God Machine Ian Cotton


  • Three Ways to Beat Religious Political Extremists Skipp Porteous


  • Hitler's Jewish Genocide and Goldhagen's Holocaustbabble Hans Askenasy
  • Feminism Challenged Mary McGreevy
  • Homosexuality in the Mormon Church Vern L. Bullough
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Adam L. Carley
  • The History of Freethought Joe Barnhart
  • The Search for Connection Between Two Worlds: An Odyssey Jeannette Lowen

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