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front_door_logo.gif (4963 bytes) Volume 18 - 1998

fall98.gif (30788 bytes)

Fall, 1998 - Volume 18, Number 4


Humanist Politics: The Need for a New Coalition - Paul Kurtz


The Real Jefferson on Religion - Robert S. Alley

True Religion and the `Mishkids' - Nancy Littell Fox

Transcending Havel - Timothy J. Madigan

Defending the Rights of Unbelievers - Derek Carl Araujo

Catholic Care Unhealthy for Women - Frances Kissling



God, Mind, and Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with John Searle - Matt Cherry

God and the Philosophers, Part 2 - Paul Edwards




Science & Religion - The Bible and Astronomy - Hector Avalos

Great Minds - The Age of Reason - Thomas Paine

Applied Ethics - The Limits of Ethical Vegetarianism - Harold Hillman

Media Scan - Participatory Science and the Mass Media - Richard Wiseman

Humanism at Large - Matt Cherry

Book Reviews

The Relevance of Sidney Hook Today - Paul Kurtz

Heidegger, Nazism, and Postmodernism - Bill Cooke

Toward Unity of Knowledge - Stuart Jordan

Resilient Illusions - Bill Cooke

summer98.gif (22153 bytes)

Summer, 1998 - Volume 18, Number 3


Secular Humanists vs. the Global Mediacracy - Paul Kurtz


The Improbability of God - Richard Dawkins

Treason, Abortion, and a Woman's Rights - Marilyn French

How Psychic Hotlines Exploit African Americans - Norm R. Allen, Jr.

Making Peace in Northern Ireland a Reality - Matt Cherry

A Journal Like No Other - Keith Parsons

Poem: Five Easy Prayers for Pagans - Philip Appleman


Re-Discovering Happiness

God and the Philosophers, Part 1 - Paul Edwards

When Clergy Commit the Sin of Silence - Gerald A. Larue

The Notorious Notary - Herb Silverman




Great Minds - Achieving the Happy Life - Epicurus

Applied Ethics - Misleading the Patient for Fun and Profit - Lewis Vaughn

Reason & Liberty - How Religion and Big Money Censor the Media - Brandon M. Stickney

Science & Religion - Searching for God in the Machine - David C. Noelle

Humanism at Large - Matt Cherry

Book Reviews

Checks and Balances on Religious Freedom - Rob Boston

What God Has Joined - Vern L. Bullough

Focusing on Humanism - John A. Xanthopoulos

Debunking Theism - H. James Birx

Examining Evolution - H. James Birx

Myth and History - Bill Cooke

spring98.gif (23213 bytes)

Spring, 1998 - Volume 18, Number 2


On the Barricades - Paul Kurtz

The Emptiness of Theology - Richard Dawkins

Mother Teresa's Life and Death in the Media - Christopher Hitchens

Secular Humanists Report Discrimination to the U.N. - Matt Cherry

How to Stop `Pro-Life' Killings - James A. Haught





Great Minds - Agnosticism vs. Christianity - T. H. Huxley

Media Scan - Journalists or Defenders of the Faith? - John H. Summers

Reason & Liberty - Your Rights in Intellectual Conversation - Wendy McElroy

Applied Ethics - Cloning and Human Dignity - Timothy J. Madigan

Humanism at Large - Matt Cherry


Science vs. Religion

A Founding Father's Feet of Clay - Interview with Conor Cruise O'Brien

Do We Have Free Will? - Lewis Vaughn & Theodore Schick, Jr.

The Case of the Shroud - Joe Nickell

Book Reviews

Was Life Designed by an Intelligence? - Volkmar Weissig

The Evolution of a Great Scientist - Sherrie Lyons

The Darwinian Trail - H. James Birx

Sulking Theologians - Bill Cooke

Reason Versus Faith - Bill Cooke

winter98.gif (34140 bytes)

Winter, 1997/98 - Volume 18, Number 1


Secular Humanism in the New Russia - Paul Kurtz



Media Scan - Touched in the Head by a TV Angel - Wendy Kaminer



Great Minds - Why I Am Not A Christian - Bertrand Russell

Reason and Liberty - Why Same-Sex Marriages - Vern L. Bullough

God on Trial - The Big Domino in the Sky - Michael Martin

Applied Ethics - Where Have All the Good Deeds Gone? - Christina Hoff Sommers

Science & Religion - Quantum Spirituality - Victor J. Stenger

Humanism at Large - Matt Cherry


The Humanist Hope

Mother Teresa's House of Illusions - Susan Shields

A Scientist and a 'Saint' - Judith Hayes

Dissecting the Passions of War - Interview with Barbara Ehrenreich

Farewell to God - Charles Templeton

Can a Robot Have Moral Rights? - Theodore Schick, Jr.

Dumping Limbo - "Voltaire"

Book Reviews

Courage Beyond Coping - John M. Novak

When a High Priest Renounces God - Henry Gordon

Heresy Trials in America - Timothy Binga

Remembering Averro&eumls - John A. Xanthopoulos

Passion and God - Timothy J. Madigan

Papal Teft - Timothy J. Madigan

Beyond Divisions - Timothy J. Madigan

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