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front_door_logo.gif (4963 bytes) Volume 22 - 2002

Free Inquiry Volume 22, Number 4Fall, 2002 - Volume 22, No. 4


Secular Humanism A New Approach - Paul Kurtz


Religion's Real Child Abuse - Richard Dawkins

Citizens Resist War on the Bill of Rights - Nat Hentoff

The Stupidest Religion - Christopher Hitchens

Choosing Our Battles -  Wendy Kaminer

I May Pledge Allegiance, But Not To Any God - Ed Buckner

The Will to Believe Keeps the Worldwide Church of God Afloat - Vern Bullough

The Supreme Court Gets Into the Education Business . . . for Real - J.E. Hill

No Milk-and-Water Faith Indeed -  John J. Dunphy

What Would Jesus Do? - Shawn Dawson


  • Terrorists - Harlan Ellison
  • A Secular Humanist Definition Setting The Record Straight - Tom Flynn
  • 'Religious Humanism' And the Dangers of Semantic Distortion -  Frank L. Pasquale
  • The Unitarian Quandary Is Religious Humanism Ruining the Humanist Religion? - James A. Haught
  • God: 12,000 The Faith of a Rebeliever - Tony Pasquarello





Church State Update Pledge Aftermath Bad News for Secularists -  Tom Flynn 

Great Minds Emile Littré, 1801-1881 - William Raymond Clark

Science and Religion An Accidental World -  Taner Edis

God on Trial Ten Religious Reasonings -  John Radford

Humanism and the Arts Doing Time with Marcel Proust - Jeannette Lowen

The Humanist Activist Secular Humanist Foot-Soldiers? - DJ Grothe


Humanism: Beliefs and Practices by Jeaneane Fowler - Tom Flynn

Why Religion Matters; The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief by Huston Smith - Jason Rosenhouse

What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle East Responses by Bernard Lewis - Mike McGlothlin

The Cosmic Fairy: The New Challenge of a Darwinian Approach to Humanism by Arthur Atkinson - Tom Flynn

Celebrities in Hell by Warren Allen Smith - Tom Flynn

Does God Believe in Atheists? by John Blanchard - Hector Avalos

Summer 2002, Volume 22, No. 3Summer, 2002 - Volume 22, No. 3


Bravo! Secularism Growing in the U.S. - Paul Kurtz


Christians, Riches, and Camels - Peter Singer

The FBI Can Find Out What You Read - Nat Hentoff

What We Don't Know . . . - Wendy Kaminer

Pedophilia's Double Standard - Christopher Hitchens

Homosexuality and Catholic Priests - Vern L. Bullough

What Weren't We Discussing about Andrea Yates? - Joan Kennedy

From Racial to Religious Profiling - Guy Harrison

Rhetoric, Religion and Secular Humanism - Richard Burke

We Knew - Tom Flynn



  • The Secular Revolution of the West - Gregory S. Paul
  • Why America Is Different - Rodger Doyle
  • A Challenge to Atheists - Richard Dawkins





Church-State Update  Faith-Based Law Nears Final Form - Tom Flynn

Great Minds  Ernestine L. Rose: Freethinking Rebel - Carol Kolmerten

Faith and Reason  Consequences - Stanley J. Alluisi

Science and Religion  Stem Cells, Embryos, and Casualties of War - Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D.

The Freedom to Dissent  The Price of Inquiry - Rob Simbeck

God on Trial  Excuses for Unbelief - Shawn Dawson

Humanism and the Arts  Moby Dick: Broiled in Hellfire - Gary Sloan

The Humanist Activist  Responding to the Religious Right - DJ Grothe


Challenging the Verdict: A Cross-Examination of Lee Stroebel's The Case for Christ by Earl Doherty - Robert Price

The Problem of the Soul: Two Visions of Mind and How to Reconcile Them by Owen Flanagan - Tom Flynn

A Fierce Hatred of Injustice: Claude McKay's Jamaica and His poetry of Rebellion by Winston James - Norm Allen

Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over by Evan J. Bibbee and Ollivier Dyens - George Beazy

Ever Since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality by Malcolm Potts and Roger Short - John A. Frantz

Deceived Directed by Andre van Heerden - George Beazy

Spring, 2002, Volume 22, No. 2Spring, 2002 - Volume 22, No. 2


Farewell Fair Play - Paul Kurtz


Homsap: Elixir of Holiness
Stem cell cloning and religious absolutism -  Richard Dawkins

Trading Liberty for Illusions - Wendy Kaminer

Are Faith and Safety Inversely Related? - Christopher Hitchens

Freedom and the Right to Die - Peter Singer

Ending the War on Drugs - Joan Kennedy Taylor

A Baptist Case for Separation - Nat Hentoff

Set a Place for Islam - Vern L. Bullough

What About the Children? - Tibor R. Machan

Stem Cells, Cloning, and Explornography - John A. Frantz

Reason Against Religious Terrorism|
A Statement by the Russian Humanist Society

We Also Grieve; We Also Serve - Katherine Bourdonnay 

Hammers, Nails, and Afghanistan - Tom Flynn






Church-State Update Scouting Policy Suffers First Setback - Tom Flynn

Great Minds 

  • Theodor Nöldeke: Father of Qur'anic Criticism - Ibn Warraq 
  • The Koran - Theodor Nšldeke

Faith and Reason Humanism and Suffering - Shawn Dawson

Science and Religion The Religionizing of Supernaturalism - Jacob Pandian

Applied Ethics Science and Freedom - Thomas W. Clark

God on Trial Reverse Logic in the Philosophy of God - Mohammad Akram Gill


The Vanquished Gods: Science, Religion, and the Nature of Belief by Richard H. Schlagel - Adel Daher 

Religion Explained? The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought by Pascal Boyer -  Tom Flynn 

Dearest Pet: On Bestiality by Midas Dekkers - Vern L. Bullough

Tales of the Rational: Skeptical Essays About Nature and Science by Massimo Pigliucci -  Shawn Dawson 

The Astrological Diary of God by Bo Fowler - Tom Flynn 

My Cosmic Pessimism by Luis A. Santander - Norm Allen, Jr.

Winter 2002, Volume 22, No. 1Winter, 2002 - Volume 22, No. 1


Religious Correctness & the Qur'an - Paul Kurtz

Jihad Op-Ed

Design for a Faith-Based Missile - Richard Dawkins

Holy War - Roy Brown

Worst of All, It was Done for Religion - James A. Haught

Martyrdom, True and False - Tibor R. Machan

'Tis a Far Better Place I Go to than I Have Ever Known - Lawrence I. Bonchek

How Shall We Die? - Faye Girsh

Irving Berlin's Hat Trick - Tom Flynn

Academy of Humanism Names Ten New Members


Absolutisms on Parade - Wendy Kaminer

Accreditation and Education - Vern L. Bullough

Where the President's Ethics Lecture Went Wrong - Peter Singer

Corporate Takeover of the Media - Ronnie Dugger

The New Witchcraft - Joan Kennedy Taylor

Challenging Singer - Nat Hentoff

Selective Prosecution of the Young - Richard Kostelanetz

A Response to Nat Hentoff - Charles L. Rulon

An Honest Grace for the 21st Century - Beth Birnbaum





Church-State Update September 11 Fallout Hits Secularists - Tom Flynn

Great Minds Lucretius: The Roman Poet of Freethought - Gary Sloan

God on Trial God Bless America? - Thomas J. Girsch

Living Without Religion No Dog Tags for Atheists - Daniel O'Neal

Applied Ethics Religion on the Roadside - Ben Radford


Skepticism and Humanism: the New Paradigm by Paul Kurtz Robert A. Baker

A.J. Ayer: a Life by Ben Rogers Richard M. Gale 

Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer Tom Flynn 

Atheism: A Reader edited by S.T. Joshi Michael Martin 

Planet of the Apes directed by Tim Burton Robert M. Price 

He's Back by Theodore Roosevelt Gardner Kenneth Marsalek 

Sister Mary Explains it All directed by Marshall Brickman; screenplay by Christopher Durang Tom Flynn

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