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front_door_logo.gif (4963 bytes)Volume 25 - 2005

Previews of upcoming issues

June July 2005 issue

June/July 2005 Vol. 25, No. 4

Table of Contents


Back to the Dark Ages - Paul Kurtz

Encyclical - Arthur C. Clarke


Teflon God - Wendy Kaminer

The Grand Inquisitor Takes the Throne - Robert M. Price

Eating Ethically - Peter Singer

So, Suppose Bush Succeeds . . . . - Massimo Pigliucci

There Is No Tomorrow - Bill Moyers


The Next Secular Revolution?

The Next Secular Revolution? - Austin Dacey

Portrait of the Activist as a Young Man - Roya Hakakian

Islam and Terrorism: An Interview with Michael Ledeen - Ibn Warraq

A Secular Student in Tehran - Soroush Danesh

Integrity, Doubt, and Academic Freedom: An Interview with Gerd Ludemann

The Evolution of Religious Ethics - John Teehan

Mystery-mongering, Prejudice, and the Search for Truth - Susan Haack

Holiday - Melissa Hotchkiss



Frontlines/Sidelines - Andrea Szalanski

Church-State Update - Tom Flynn

World Report - Bill Cooke

God on Trial: Thy Will Be Done - Barbara Smoker

Humanism at Large: 'Faith' and 'Belief' in Naturalistic Humanism - Frank L. Pasquale


The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution By Richard Dawkins - Jim Sullivan

Humanism: An Introduction By Jim Herrick - Daniel M. Kane

Behold the Antichrist: Bentham on Religion By Delos B. McKown - William Harwood

One Planet, One People: Beyond "Us vs. Them" By Carl Coon Jr. - Bill Cooke

April May 2005 issue

April/May 2005 Vol. 25, No. 3


A Good Will - Paul Kurtz


The Theology of the Tsunami - Richard Dawkins

Why Would God Drown Children? - James A. Haught

Tsunami - Christopher Hitchens

ACLU Leaders vs. Free Speech - Nat Henthoff

Why Biblical Religions Are an Obstacle to Freedom - Shadia B. Drury

Putting to Rest the 'Christian Nation' Myth - David R. Koepsell

Discrimination Against Christians? Oh, Please... - Tom Flynn


Faith and Violence: Killing in God's Name and the Bestiality of War

The Obscenity of War - J. Harold Ellens

'In Vain Have I Smitten Your Children' - Joyce E. Salisbury

Jesus, The Defense of Marriage--and Other Unspeakable Acts - R. Joseph Hoffmann

Islamic Terror in the Netherlands - Floris van den Berg



Frontlines/Sidelines - Andrea Szalanski

Church-State Update - Tom Flynn

World Report - Bill Cooke

European Correspondent: The Tyrrany of the Offended - Jim Herrick


The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in The Modern World By Alister McGrath - Jay C. Smith

Challenging Postmodernism: Philosophy and the Politics of Truth By David Detmer - Barry F. Seidman

Does God Exist? The Craig-Flew Debate Edited by Stan W. Wallace - Norm R. Allen, Jr.

Feb-Mar 2005 issueFebruary/March 2005 Vol. 25, No. 2

Can We Bridge the Great Divide? - Paul Kurtz

Fundamentalist Political Power in America - James A. Haught

Apartheid for Conservatives on College Campuses - Nat Hentoff

Jihad in the Netherlands - Christopher Hitchens

Flew’s Flawed Science - Victor J. Stenger

Law Reform, or DIY Suicide - Peter Singer

Bad News, Good News - Tom Flynn

Leading Lights Gather to Defend Secularism - Austin Dacey

Scholars Probe Just War and Jihad - Tom Flynn

Mass-market Mysticism - Wendy Kaminer

Free Will and Its Discontents: The Free Will Problem - David A. Shotwell

Materialism through Equivocation: A Dissenting View - Tibor R. Machan

Crime and Causality: Do Killers Deserve to Die? - Thomas W. Clark

How Not to Argue for Abortion Rights - Andrew Johnson

The Art of Living - Vincent E. Parr


Frontlines/Sidelines - Andrea Szalanski

Church-State Update - Tom Flynn

World Report - Bill Cooke

God on Trial Why I Am Not a Catholic - Arthur R. Miller

Applied Ethics Grounds for Civil Recognition of Same-sex Monogamy - Frank L. Pasquale


The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason By Sam Harris - Tom Flynn

The President of Good and Evil: The Ethics of George W. Bush By Peter Singer - Brad Matthies

The Book Against God: A Novel By James Wood - Jerry Kurlandski

The Naked Mind: If You Can’t Eat It, Drink It, or Screw It, I Ain’t Interested By Sheldon F. Gottlieb - Tim Madigan

The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader Edited by A.J. Brigati - Tom Flynn

Superstition and Other Essays By Robert Green Ingersoll - Tom Flynn

Free Inquiry December/January, 2005 Volume 25, No. 1December/January 2005 - Volume 25, No. 1


‘For Spacious Skies’  - Paul Kurtz


Atheists for Jesus? - Richard Dawkins

America’s Fear Factor - Wendy Kaminer

The Naturalistic Fallacy - Massimo Pigliucci

Humanism and the UN: A Shared Future? - Carl Coon

Is America a Post-democratic Society? - Paul Kurtz




Frontlines/ Sidelines - Andrea Szalanski

Church-State Update - Tom Flynn

World Report - Bill Cooke

Great Minds Bertrand Russell (1872–1970)  - Paul Edwards

Living Without Religion Pascal’s Wager: Not a Good Bet  - Richard T. Hull

European Correspondent Let Inquiry Be Free - Jim Herrick

God on Trial Where Are the Moral Believers? - Guy P. Harrison


Affirmations: Joyful and Creative Exuberance By Paul Kurtz - Bill Cooke

Doubt: A History By Jennifer Michael Hecht - Robert Albrook

The Impossibility of God Edited by Michael Martin and Ricki Monnier - Kai Nielsen

Fear, Faith, Fact, Fantasy By John A. Henderson - Wolf Roder

Putting Humans First: Why We’re Nature’s Favorites By Tibor R. Machan - Gerry Dantone

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