A Failure to Deliver

Robert M. Price

An Enlightened Philosophy: Can an Atheist Believe Anything?, by Geoff Crocker (Hampshire, U.K.: O Books, 2011, ISBN 978-1-8-84694-424-6) 132 pp. Paper $13.95.

Author Geoff Crocker is, like this reviewer, an atheist and former evangelical Christian. Perhaps as a result of religious nostalgia, Crocker wants to supplement reductionistic materialism with a depth derived from biblical mythology understood as mythology. I expected to have to resist the temptation to make this review an exercise in cheerleading. Instead, I found the too-brief work rather disappointing. The promotional hype for An Enlightened Philosophy makes the book sound like it deals in some depth with its subject matter, supplementing atheism with deeper insights from Karen Armstrong and Joseph Campbell—neither of whom, as far as I can see, makes an appearance outside of the bibliography. (Armstrong’s absence, of course, is no loss.)

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