Against the Enhancement Project: Two Perspectives

Adrienne Asch, James E. Block


Perspective 1

Adrienne Asch

Proponents of so-called moderate genetic enhancements contend that we nee dn’t worry much about possible upgrades to future human beings because they will not be transformative. Proponents of more radical enhancements endorse possible radical changes to humans that might come from their envisioned radical genetic and biotechnological innovations. Like other skeptics, we think both moderate and radical enhancement projects have dangers. We go further, however, to argue that focusing on enhancing the traits of individuals will ultimately fail at transforming humanity or human society in positive directions. We have found little explanation of how even enhanced humans would work together to solve most of the world’s vexing and critical problems. In short, even if the moderate or radical enhancement projects succeeded, we doubt that the enhanced humans (or posthumans) would live in a world markedly better than the one we now inhabit.

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