Poems Rabbit Rabbit, Promise

Joan Mazza



Rabbit Rabbit

Joan Mazza

On the first of every month, say it,
first words as soon as you wake
to guarantee good luck all month.
Did you do it? It’s the first of another
month of storms and fires
across the country. Only one rabbit?
You are to blame. Three rabbits
are better or white rabbit whispered
could do the minimum job. Say it
before your morning prayers, before
you say anything else on the first,
or your month will fill and overflow
with losses, deaths, accidents.
You don’t say daily prayers? Heathen!
Cause of evil! Reason so many turn
from family, against church, their proper
thoughts and place in marriage’s
holy hetero embrace. You know what
happens if you don’t conform?
Helen Damnation is your name.
Why else were you born?
This heat, these fires and tornadoes
are not Global Warming, not climate
change. They are taster-sized portions,
hors d'oeuvres sent by Satan. Get used
to it or pray. For you, the Easter Bunny
will never lay another pastel egg.

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