Post-Election Cogitations

Edd Doerr


November 6 was a good day for President Barack Obama. The Democrats increased their majority in the Senate and gained a few seats in the House. The popular vote for the House favored the Democrats, but the Republicans retained control thanks to gerrymandering in “red” states after the 2010 election. The percentage of women in Congress increased, although not by enough.

On balance, November 6 was also pretty good for religious liberty, church-state separation, public education, and reproductive choice. A Republican victory would have meant the probable addition to the Supreme Court of one or more clones of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Robert Bork (Mitt Romney’s chief judiciary adviser). It would have given a tremendous boost to religious Right extremism and the movements to divert public funds to church-run private schools, to privatize public education, and to further shrink reproductive choice.

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