Why I Am Not a Liberal, and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Robert M. Price

As I noted in my editorial in the October/November 2013 issue, “The Left Is Not Always Right,” secular humanists don’t always lean left on social issues—even though, on average, they skew further left than the U.S. population as a whole. Some in our movement lean conservative or libertarian; see Tibor Machan’s column in this issue or consider the essays by secularright.org cofounder Razib Khan and libertarian author Ron Bailey in our October/November 2012 cover feature, “Does Secular Humanism Have a Political Agenda?”

Such diversity is to be expected and, from time to time, showcased. Below, noted author and Bible scholar Robert M. Price delivers a brash cri de coeur on behalf of secular conservatism. Glade Ross and Dan Davis assail the libertarian viewpoint from distinct yet broadly progressive perspectives. Reader comment is, as always, eagerly awaited. —Tom Flynn

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