Leaving Unholy Mother Church

William F. Nolan

My family is Irish. I was baptized by an Irish Catholic priest in Kansas City, Missouri, and later served as an altar boy at St. Vincent’s church in that same city. During grade school and high school, I had only Benedictine nuns as my teachers. As a good Catholic boy, I never missed Mass on Sunday.

All that has long since changed. I am now an ex-Catholic turned anti-Catholic. There are many good people, men and women, faithfully serving Holy Mother Church, but the basic structure itself is corrupt. The church seeks power and money as its primary goals, as it has always done, and it employs guilt and fear as weapons to maintain its global control.

The world of Holy Mother Church is dark indeed: five hundred years of the Spanish Inquisition . . . providing an escape route for Nazi war criminals following World War II . . . hiding and protecting its many pederast priests by moving them from one diocese to another.

The list goes on. Let’s not forget Pope Calixtus III and Pope Alexander VI, both born of the infamous Borgia family accused of adultery, theft, bribery, incest, and murder!

When my mother wanted to receive Holy Communion, she was told by her local parish priest that she could not receive the sacraments until she agreed to give up all sexual contact with my father (who was considered a lapsed Catholic). Sadly, she agreed to this inhuman proposal.

I was lucky to escape the clutches of Holy Mother Church, but my own sex life was totally ruined by the church. As a young man, I was brainwashed into believing that all forms of sex outside of a sanctified marriage bed would send me to hell. By the time I left the church, the damage had been done. Fear and guilt are powerful weapons, and the church is expert in using them to control its flock. To even think about sex is labeled a sin! The church is masterful in twisting natural human behavior into cause for damnation.

As for a “loving God,” if he is so loving, why did he allow the Holocaust? What about hurricanes and earthquakes that claim thousands of innocent lives? What about the starving children of Africa and the crippling poverty of India? I have heard the sole survivor of an airplane crash claim that “God spared me.” Why him? Wasn’t God supposed to care about all the other passengers? And what about Europe’s Black Death and the endless horrors of the aforementioned Inquisition? Why would a loving God allow such horrible suffering?

I could go on, but I’ve made my position clear. I’m more than an ex-Catholic; I’m an ardent anti-Catholic. Holy Mother Church should be ashamed.

William F. Nolan

William F. Nolan is the coauthor of the science-fiction novel Logan’s Run (with George Clayton Johnson, 1967) and the author of many other works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This essay is reprinted with permission from The American Rationalist, March/April 2013.

I’m more than an ex-Catholic; I’m an ardent anti-Catholic. Holy Mother Church should be ashamed.

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