New Laureates Elected to the Academy of Humanism

Sean Lachut

The International Academy of Human­ism, a program of the Council for Secular Humanism, was established to recognize distinguished humanists and to disseminate humanistic ideals and beliefs. The members (1) are devoted to free inqu iry in all fields of human endeavor, (2) are committed to a scientific outlook and the use of the scientific method in acquiring knowledge, and (3) uphold humanist ethical values and principles. The Academy’s goals include furthering respect for human rights, freedom, and the dignity of the individual; tolerance of various viewpoints and willingness to compromise; commitment to social justice; a universalistic perspective that transcends national, ethnic, religious, sexual, and racial barriers; and belief in a free and open pluralistic and democratic society.

Recently, ten new members were elected to the Academy.

Russell Blackford is an Australian writer (fiction and nonfiction), philosopher, critic, and columnist for FREE INQUIRY magazine. His work often deals with issues involving science, technology, atheism, transhumanism, and bioethics.

Maryanne Garry is a psychology professor and deputy dean on the Faculty of Graduate Research at Victoria University in New Zealand. Her work focuses on memory, memory distortions, and how memory relates to the legal process, especially eyewitness testimony and “recovered” memories.

A. C. Grayling is a British philosopher and the author of more than thirty books on topics relating to skepticism, humanist philosophy, ethics, and epistemology. He is often referred to as the “Fifth Horseman of New Atheism” and appears often on media outlets arguing for atheism and philosophy.

Leo Igwe is a Nigerian human rights advocate, humanist, and former Western/South African representative to the Inter­national Humanist and Ethical Union. He documents and campaigns against child witchcraft accusations in Africa. He was appointed a research fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation in 2012.

Susan Jacoby is an American author who focuses on atheist and secular concerns. Her 2008 book, The Age of American Unreason, was a New York Times best seller, and her most recent book, The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought, has received much critical acclaim. She is a frequent contributor to FREE INQUIRY.

Philip Kitcher is a British philosopher who specializes in the philosophy of biology, mathematics, and literature. He is a well-known scholar of Immanuel Kant and argues for what he calls “Good Science” and against creationism and other pseudoscience.

Lawrence Krauss is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist who is the Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. He is also the director of the school’s Origins Project. Krauss is an advocate for science in the public sphere as well as the author of books including A Universe from Nothing and The Physics of Star Trek.

Maryam Namazie is an Iranian-born human rights activist and commentator who fights for secular ideals, refugee rights, and people who have left Islam.

Carolyn Porco is an American planetary scientist known for her work on the Voyager missions to the outer solar system in the 1980s. She currently leads the imaging science team on the Cassini mission in orbit around Saturn. She has coauthored over one hundred scientific papers on planetary science and appears regularly on various media outlets bringing attention to the fields of astronomy and planetary science.

Wendy Kaminer is an American lawyer, a former Guggenheim fellow, and the writer of several books on social issues, including A Fearful Freedom: Women’s Flight From Equality. Kaminer is also a former columnist for FREE INQUIRY

—Sean Lachut,
FREE INQUIRY Assistant Editor

Sean Lachut

FREE INQUIRY Assistant Editor

The International Academy of Human­ism, a program of the Council for Secular Humanism, was established to recognize distinguished humanists and to disseminate humanistic ideals and beliefs.

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