Chris O'Carroll

I’m confident whatever gods may be
Don’t think to be displeased or satisfied
With me, and don’t expend their energy
On taking mine or any other side.

I’m confident the future and the past
Are present in the present we two share,
A moment that both does and doesn’t last,
A here that’s also somehow everywhere.

I’m confident that when mortality
Collects the tribute everybody pays,
We’ll feel the fabric of eternity
As weightless as these evanescent days.

I’m confident that everything I know
Amounts to just a hunch or a rough guess.
I’m confident you’ll hear the whole truth, though
The best words on my tongue say something less.

I’m confident that love is all we need.
That trippy hippie wisdom cannot be
The only tenet of a lifetime creed,
Yet outweighs weightier philosophy.

I’m confident that your touch on my skin
Makes its imprint on all of time and space.
I’m confident we’re running not to win
Or lose or even comprehend the race.


Chris O'Carroll

Chris O’Carroll is a writer and an actor. His poems have appeared in Angle, Asses of Parnassus, Light, Literary Review, and The Rotary Dial, among other print and online journals, and in the anthology Poems for a Liminal Age, published to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

A poem from the June/July 2014 issue of FREE INQUIRY.

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