Anticipating Hamlet in the Gospels: God’s Plan, Mere Coincidence, or Intentional Deception?

Mark Rubinstein

Imagine you are an educated Roman aristocrat during the mid-second century CE. You know about the growing number of Christians, followers of that strange new religion that has broken away from Judaism. They have worked hard to convert you, but you have heard their story before: a dying and rising Savior is nothing new. Many “messiahs” have claimed to work miracles, but the world marches on and nothing changes.

But suddenly, for you, everything changes. One day in the marketplace, you are drawn to a crowd listening to Justin Martyr, the brilliant defender of Christianity. He has a novel proof that the Gospel narratives about Jesus must be true: Justin claims that almost every event reported in them was prophesied centuries earlier in the Hebrew Bible! Systematically, detail by detail, Justin proves his claim. You are dumbfounded and on the spot decide to convert.

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