Science and the Emancipation of Humankind

Lorenzo Lazzerini Ospri

The claim that science is an inherently amoral and thus apolitical enterprise has been repeated so often that it has almost passed unquestioned into the common wisdom of our time. Is science merely one more tool at the disposal of economic players responsible for social injustice? Far from it. The truth, as I will show, is that science and the political Left (properly defined) are the twin heirs of a common intellectual tradition; they rest on the same assumptions about the nature of knowledge and the world and have been pitted throughout their existences against the same philosophical foes while battling for people’s hearts and minds.

The Origin of the Left

If error and ignorance have forged the chains of peoples, and if prejudice perpetuates those chains, it is science, reason and truth which will one day be able to break them.

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