Roger Desy

—if not what can’t be felt—allow—
another feeling altogether—perhaps
feeling what we

can’t feel—inhabiting a clarity perhaps
they enter
a terrain of feeling we cannot feel to
find them—

a familiarity perhaps in context
sacred—were there


a way we had a way for them to verify
the purity


—to feel and hold the feeling trying to
feel them


—a state at ease with famine and the
that concentrates the same restraint
the source restrains

—transfixes that part of the
selflessness of fields

that seethes out of the night out of the
shards of squalls


and—carried on the synapse of a
hiss—brushes the lattice
of an unsettled scent over the hackles
of their fur


into their pores—into the viscera of a
bristling pulse

Roger Desy

Roger Desy has taught literature and creative writing at Duquesne University and has done technical writing and editing for a defense contractor. His poetry has appeared in Blue Unicorn, Epicenter, Mid-American Review, The Pinch, Poet Lore, and Spoon River Poetry Review.

if not what can’t be felt—allow— / perhaps / another feeling altogether

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