A Response to Stephen LeDrew

Tom Flynn

I begin by thanking Stephen LeDrew for responding so thoughtfully to my review of his book. I will focus on only two concerns: LeDrew’s response to my analysis of his book’s treatment of the Center for Inquiry (CFI) and an implication of one of his discursive comments that again, for me, calls into question his grasp of movement history prior to the twenty-first century.

Regarding CFI

In my review, I examined LeDrew’s discussion of matters pertaining to CFI at substantial length. LeDrew calls this “understandable" but expresses concern that it gives “a false impression of the focus of the book." He has a point. The fraction of my review that treated LeDrew’s discussions of CFI was considerably larger than the fraction of LeDrew’s book devoted to that subject. That said, I noted my interest in a “Caveat lector" note attached to the review’s headline—and I was writing for Free Inquiry, whose readers are unusually interested in matters pertaining to CFI. I sincerely hope that no one came away misled as to the focus of LeDrew’s book.

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