Go Ahead, Beat Your Dog—If You’re Christian

Gregory Paul


Lots of really bad things happen to what people often used to call dumb animals. Consider a documentary I recently viewed about a small East African river during an extended drought. The program was horrific. The fish first died off in the shrinking pools. Later to die were the crocodiles that had been dining on the former until the riverbed was dry. Meanwhile, the surrounding fauna agonizingly started to starve or die of thirst. The elephants helped out for a while by digging for water, but that too ran out. Even the clever baboons went belly up. By the end of the damned program, I was way depressed. That never happened on the sanitized Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom when I was a kid.

Lacking police protection or health care, wild animals live in anarchy because no creator has offered them the basic protections decent humans provide their pets. But captive animals also suffer all too often, as documented by the string of ads begging for money to aid the abused dogs, cats, horses, and so on.

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