A Trail for the Heartland

Tom Flynn

Speaking of freethought trails, while west-central New York has an unusually rich deposit of radical reform history, it’s far from the only region in America with sufficient material for a Freethought Trail. In October 2017, CF I Vice President for Philanthropy Martina Fern and I traveled to Missouri. There, we were joined by freethought historian Fred Whitehead and shown the historical “sights" from Kansas City to St. Louis.

From my work with the Kansas City Eupraxophy Center and its successor, the Center for Inquiry Midwest, during the 1990s, I knew that Missouri and Kansas shared an unusually vivid freethought heritage. (I learned more from Freethought on the American Frontier, the 1992 book by Whitehead and Center for Inquiry Midwest cofounder Verle Muhrer, still the definitive sourcebook for freethought history in the heartland.)

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