The Party of Traitors

S. T. Joshi


The question of the day is: How have we reached the stage where an entire political party in this country has in effect descended into treason?

I refer, of course, to the current incarnation of the GOP. Let it not be thought that I am echoing a longstanding Republican ploy of demonizing my antagonists by attributing treasonous motivations to mere political differences. Republicans have admittedly perfected this technique, lambasting support for abortion rights, gun control, and even the raising of the minimum wage as some kind of lèse-majesté against truth, justice, and the American way. On the contrary, I am speaking of a party that has gone out of its way to subvert American law and American ideals in ways that could, if it were successful (which, in fact, it won’t be), lead us down the road to autocracy.

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