The Myth of Rationalist Dogma

Gary Whittenberger


When I receive my copy of Free Inquiry in the mail, I usually read it cover-to-cover within a week or maybe two. When I read the February/March 2018 issue (Volume 38, Number 2), I was shocked and dismayed by a couple of the articles, especially “Rationalist Dogma" by Greta Christina. While I have agreed with and liked most of Christina’s previous essays in FI, I strongly disagree with most of what she said in this one. Let the sunshine in.

First, I strongly disagree with Christina when she claims that rationalists have dogma. They don’t. A dogma is a set of beliefs impervious to change. Rationalists embrace the belief that all beliefs, including their own, should be subject to change if given good evidence, reasons, or arguments to change them. Even that core belief is subject to change. That said, it is always possible that some people who identify as rationalists are just mistaken about themselves.

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