Respect Freedom of Conscience: Teach Science, Not Metaphysics

Ronald A. Lindsay

What Haley and McGowan advocate seems less like the future of secularism than like a betrayal of it.

Jeff Haley and Dale McGowan vigorously contend that public school educators should affirmatively teach there are “no gods, souls, or afterlife.” Of course, they recognize that their view of the appropriate curriculum for public schools has no chance of being adopted—now. But as “soon as a political majority no longer believes these things,” we can have Johnnie and Jane recite “There is no god” 100 times, while bobbing their heads back-and-forth in rhythm to the song “Imagine” in the Haley/McGowan version of a madrassa.

Put another way: while many secularists believe the words “under God” should be stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance, in contrast, Haley and McGowan apparently think the Pledge should be amended by adding the word not before “under God.”

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