Letters — Vol. 39 No. 1


I have been a subscriber to your magazine for going on thirty years, and I have to say I do not care for the tone taken by some of your contributors. The worst in the most recent issue is Ed Doerr. While I agree with his position of not using tax money to support religious schools, to call a person who disagrees on policy virulently toxic and a Wicked Witch of the West is far beneath the normal reasoned discussion your magazine has fostered. S. T. Joshi does something similar when he refers to supporters of the 2nd Amendment as “gun nuts.” While I do not own any firearms and have no desire to, I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights and know many responsible gun owners who are NRA members. They are definitely not nuts. I support free expression and the rights of these two authors to express their opinions, but by using defamatory language, they are not advancing the discussion nor changing any minds. 

On another note, Tom Flynn referred to tax exemptions as subsidies and costing the federal government money. To me, a subsidy is when the federal government takes taxpayer funds and gives them to a person or organization that did nothing to earn it. Kind of like the $12 billion subsidy recently proposed for farmers. I don't see letting a person or organization keep more of what they earn as a subsidy or a government expense. For Flynn’s characterization to be correct, you would have to believe that the total earnings of all taxpayers really belong to the federal government and anything they are allowed to keep is a subsidy. In that case, Flynn is also getting a subsidy to the tune of whatever his net income is and also costing the federal government money.

I really enjoy most of the magazine even though, being Libertarian, I do not agree with all of the positions. I hope we can get back to reasoned discussion and lose the invective.

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