Looking Back — Vol 39. No. 1

35 Years Ago in Free Inquiry

“As humanists, surely we do not wish to develop according to the model of the classical religions. Though these religions have provided a social structure, a moral framework, and psychological comfort for their adherents, humanism is not and should not be a denomination or sect competing with others. We reject the notion of ethnic identification; we have none. We are committed to a universal ideal. We do not have an exclusive cultural heritage but consider ourselves part of world culture. We are opposed to and have not built churches and accredited clergy … . We do not enforce strict rules of conduct or require a creed or dogma. More important, we do not pretend to have an ‘inspiring message,’ nor a charismatic leader.

“Our model is not Moses, Jesus, or Muhammad, but Socrates.”

—Paul Kurtz, “The Future of Humanism”
Free Inquiry, Volume 3, No. 4 (Fall 1983)

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