Letters – Volume 39, No. 3

Matilda Joslyn Gage

I am a faithful reader (and subscriber) to Free Inquiry and was delighted to see Robyn Blumner’s article about Matilda Gage (“Resurrecting Matilda Joslyn Gage,” FI, December 2018/January 2019). I, too, had never heard of Ms. Gage even after reading lots about woman’s suffrage over the years. My question is not about the article but about the photo that accompanied the article (bottom of page 6). The description is that it was taken at the opening of the National Woman Suffrage Association Convention in 1876. That could not possibly be correct as women would not be dressed as these women are dressed until well after 1900. Women were still restrained by tight corsets and never showed ankles in public among other obvious differences. Note the woman who is sixth from the left: that is a definite twentieth century outfit! While it is likely to be from a Woman Suffrage Convention, it could not be 1876. Photos are an extremely valuable window into the past. They should be correctly identified.

Paula L. Prince, PhD
Assistant Professor, Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Roanoke, Virginia

Tom Flynn replies:

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