International Academy of Humanism

The International Academy of Humanism was established to recognize distinguished humanists and to disseminate humanistic ideals and beliefs. The members of the academy, listed below, (1) are devoted to free inquiry in all fields of human endeavor, (2) are committed to a scientific outlook and the use of the scientific method in acquiring knowledge, and (3) uphold humanist ethical values and principles.

The academy’s goals include furthering respect for human rights, freedom, and the dignity of the individual; tolerance of various viewpoints and willingness to compromise; commitment to social justice; a universalistic perspective that transcends national, ethnic, religious, sexual, and racial barriers; and belief in a free and open pluralistic and democratic society.

Laureates of the International Academy of Humanism

  1. Ruben Ardila (Univ. de Colombia—Colombia)
  2. Margaret Atwood (author—Canada)
  3. Etienne Baulieu (French Inst. of Health & Medical Rsch—France)
  4. Russell Blackford (philosopher and writer – Australia)
  5. Jacques Bouveresse (Collège de France—France)
  6. Paul D. Boyer (Univ. of California, Los Angeles—USA)
  7. Mario Bunge (McGill Univ.—Canada)
  8. Jean-Pierre Changeux (Collège de France—France)
  9. Patricia Smith Churchland (Univ. of California, San Diego—USA)
  10. Richard Dawkins (Oxford Univ.—UK)
  11. Daniel C. Dennett (Tufts University—USA)
  12. Alan Dershowitz (attorney—USA)
  13. Ann Druyan (author, lecturer, producer—USA)
  14. Luc Ferry (Sorbonne—France)
  15. Johan Galtung, (Univ. of Oslo—Norway)
  16. Maryanne Garry (psychologist—New Zealand)
  17. A.C. Grayling (philosopher and writer—UK)
  18. Rebecca Goldstein (philosopher and author, USA)
  19. Adolf Grünbaum (Univ. of Pittsburgh—USA)
  20. Jürgen Habermas (Univ. of Frankfurt—Germany)
  21. Alberto Hidalgo Tuñón (Univ. de Oviedo—Spain)
  22. Leo Igwe (human rights activist – Nigeria)
  23. Susan Jacoby (author – USA)
  24. Donald Johanson (Inst. of Human Origins—USA)
  25. Wendy Kaminer (lawyer and author—USA)
  26. Philip Kitcher (philosopher—USA)
  27. György Konrád (author—Hungary)
  28. Ioanna Kuçuradi (FISP—Turkey)
  29. Valerií A. Kuvakin (Moscow State Univ.—Russia)
  30. Stephen Law (University of London – UK)
  31. Richard Leakey (activist and conservationist—Kenya)
  32. Jean-Marie Lehn (Université Louis Pasteur—France)
  33. Elizabeth Loftus (professor, Univ. of California/Irvine—USA)
  34. Adam Michnik (author—Poland)
  35. Jonathan Miller (OBE, MD, author—UK)
  36. Maryam Namazie (activist, commentator and broadcaster—UK)
  37. Taslima Nasrin (MD, author—Bangladesh)
  38. Elaine Pagels (Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion, Princeton Univ.—USA)
  39. Jean-Claude Pecker (Collège de France—France)
  40. Steven Pinker (Harvard Univ.—USA)
  41. Carolyn Porco (Planetary scientist and chief imaging scientist on Cassini spacecraft —USA)
  42. Dennis Razis (MD—Greece)
  43. Salman Rushdie (author, MIT—USA)
  44. Fernando Savater (philosophy educator — Spain)
  45. Peter Singer (Princeton Univ.—USA)
  46. Wole Soyinka (Nobel Laureate, author—Nigeria)
  47. Jack Steinberger (physicist—Switzerland)
  48. Julia Sweeney (writer and performer—USA)
  49. Sir Keith Thomas (Oxford Univ.—UK)
  50. Rob Tielman (Univ. of Utrecht—Netherlands)
  51. Lionel Tiger (Rutgers Univ.—USA)
  52. Neil deGrasse Tyson (scientist, Hayden Planetarium—USA)
  53. Mario Vargas Llosa (author—Perú)
  54. Mourad Wahba (Univ. of Ain Shams—Egypt)
  55. James D. Watson (author, biologist—USA)
  56. Steven Weinberg (Univ. of Texas, Austin—USA)
  57. Edward O. Wilson (Harvard Univ.—USA)


Recently Deceased

  • Pieter Admiraal (MD—Netherlands) d. 2013
    Shulamit Aloni (Minister of Education—Israel) d. 2014
    Kurt Baier (Univ. of Pittsburgh—USA) d. 2010
    Baruj Benacerraf (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute—USA) d. 2011
    Sir Hermann Bondi (Churchill College—UK) d. 2005
    Elena Bonner (human rights advocate—Russia) d. 2011
    Vern Bullough (Univ. of Southern California—USA) d. 2005
    Arthur C. Clarke (author, Sri Lanka) d. 2008
    Bernard Crick (Univ. of London—UK) d. 2008
    José M. R. Delgado (Univ. of Madrid—Spain) d 2011
    Jean Dommanget (Royal Observatory—Belgium) d. 2014
    Umberto Eco (Univ. of Bologna—Italy) d. 2016
    Antony Flew (Reading Univ.—UK) d. 2010
    Betty Friedan (founder, NOW—USA) d. 2006
    Yves Galifret (Union Rationaliste—France) d 2013
    Murray Gell-Mann (Nobel Laureate, Sante Fe Inst.—USA) d 2019
    Vitaly Ginzburg (Moscow State University—Russia) d. 2009
    Margherita Hack (astronomer, astrophysicist—Italy) d. 2013
    Herbert Hauptman (Nobel Laureate, State Univ. of New York—USA) d. 2011
    Christopher Hitchens (author, lecturer—USA) d. 2011
    Sergei ̆ Kapitza (Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology—Russia) d. 2012
    George Klein (Karolinska Inst.—Sweden) d 2-16
    Sir Harold W. Kroto (University of Sussex—UK) d. 2016
    Gerald A. Larue (Univ. of Southern California—USA) d. 2014
    Thelma Lavine (George Mason Univ.—USA) d. 2011
    José Leite Lopes (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas—Brazil) d. 2006
    Paul MacCready (AeroVironment—USA) d. 2007
    Conor Cruise O’Brien (Univ. of Dublin—Ireland) d. 2008
    Marcel Roche (Inst. de Investigaciones Científicas—Venezuela) d. 2003
    Richard Rorty (Univ. of Virginia—USA) d. 2007
    Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (City Univ.—USA) d. 2007
    Jens C. Skou (Univ. of Aarhus—Denmark) d 2018
    J. J. C. Smart (Australian National Univ.—Australia) d. 2012
    Barbara Stanosz (Inst. “Ksia ̨z·ka i Prasa”—Poland) d. 2014
    Svetozar Stojanovíc (Univ. of Belgrade—Yugoslavia) d. 2010
    Thomas S. Szasz (State Univ. of New York—USA) d. 2012
    Simone Veil (former president, European Parliament—France) d 2017
    Gore Vidal (author—USA) d. 2012
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (author—USA) d. 2007
    G. A. Wells (Univ. of London—UK) d. 2017

* Institutions listed for identification only.