iPad Instructions

Your Free Inquiry digital subscription allows you to not only read online with a desktop computer but also to read our full archive of articles on a tablet or mobile device. Here are some tips and tricks for iPad or other iOS devices that might be helpful.

Reading online

You can read online on all devices just like you would on a desktop computer. Simply visit the website and click the Sign In button on the top right corner of the screen. We recommend checking the “Remember Me” box:

Then visit the links to any of the most recent articles or the Latest Issue. You can also visit the Archive to view all issues or the Search page to find anything you’re looking for.

Creating a Shortcut / App

On an iOS device like the iPad you can create a shortcut by visiting our website on Safari and following these steps:

Click the Share button in Safari.
Scroll down to Add to Home Screen.
Customize the Shortcut name if you’d like and click Add.

PDF and Offline Reading

For a true magazine-like experience, you can download the full PDF of the issue instead of reading online. You can also save the PDF to your favorite eBook reader on iPad to revisit even while not connected to the internet. Just follow these steps:

Visit the Archive page and click Download to view the PDF file.
Click the Share button.
Scroll through the options until you see Copy to Books or your eBook reader of choice.